Our Mission

We were called on, by the Holy Spirit, to help sinners find their way to him and to repent in his name.

Our Story

After being spiritually guided to be baptized and given the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Sister Barbara was directed to begin the Godshealer7 ministry to proclaim his word and to call sinners to repent and be baptized in his name.

Who We Are


Sister Barbara

Creator of Godshealer7

I was raised Catholic and attended mass regularly. I became close with my cousin Diane and would have conversations with her about the fallacies of the rites and symbolisms in the Catholic Church. Diane was given the ‘Gift of Knowledge’ and ability to proselytize was uncanny. After much persuasion I actually read the Bible cover to cover. I realized, what Diane was telling me was the truth. Diane’s journey ended after a courageous fight with cancer. At her funeral, it was standing room only. There were hundreds of people that Diane had touched, it was an amazing sight to see. After her death, I was called to continue her work and began the Godshealer7 ministry.


Brother Dan, Sister Barbara and Jasmine

Like Sister Barbara, was a raised catholic. I saw Diane running around and the effect it had on Sister Barbara, I thought they were both crazy. I was working on the cellar door the day barb was being baptized. It was important to her, so I went to support her. I began listening to the stories and explanations that Sister Barbara told me. I began to attend services and eventually it began to feel right. In 2010, Sister Barbara convinced me to get baptized (I was deathly afraid of water since childhood when a friend submerged me in the pool) and decided to do it. About a week later I was lying in bed and I heard this foreign language in my head. According to the bible, Jesus foretold of speaking in tongues: “And these signs will follow those who believe… they will speak with new tongues.” Mark 16:17. If hearing and understanding a foreign language doesn’t make you believe; I don’t know what will.